S+F Team

Science + Fiction Team

Kevin Townsend, Founder/ Managing Partner

Kevin Townsend is a 25-year veteran of the Entertainment and Marketing industries. In 2002 he founded Science + Fiction and has been one of the pioneering evangelists in the Branded Programming industry for over a decade. Science + Fiction has become the leader in the branded programming world, producing smash hits like “The Rookie” (based on the hit Fox TV show “24”) and “In The Motherhood”, one of the most watched Online programs ever, “Fearless” for General Motors, and the groundbreaking short films series “Masters of Movement” among dozens other shows. Science + Fiction’s ability to unite the entertainment and marketing industries at the core of their respective strengths (creative development) has made S+F the go-to studio for advertisers and distribution channels intent on entering the branded programming space.

Kevin spent almost a decade as a key member of George Lucas’s management team at Industrial Light + Magic and ILM’s parent company, Lucas Digital. At ILM he grew the marketing & commercial division into one of the most prolific production companies in the world while managing an almost 200% growth in revenue year over year. Expanding its offerings to include Live Action, Visual Effects, and Post Production all under one roof, Kevin pioneered a production methodology that is now commonplace throughout the industry. In addition, he created a division of ILM Commercial Productions dedicated to the growing need to help advertisers migrate into the convergence media realm.

A Master Rank Skydiver, former Guardian Angel and student of American history and film, he is a father of four, and lives in Marin county California.

Cheryll Stone, Finance Director

Over her 30 years in entertainment finance Cheryll has participated in virtually every aspect of the business: from running her own management firm to feature and commercial production and many other wild and wonderful entrepreneurial adventures. Her unique combination of financial expertise and hands-on production experience make her an invaluable member of the team.

Cheryll holds a B.A. in accounting from California State University.

Creative Roundtable

The strength of Science + Fiction’s relationship with both the Hollywood and Madison Avenue creative community is what sets S+F apart from the rest of the players in the Branded Programming world. The Creative round Table gives talented individuals from both worlds the opportunity to create and produce in this new medium within the safe confines of the Science + Fiction community.

Screen Writers, Designers, Graphic Novelists, Creative Directors, and Artists of all types as well as a whole host of others make up what we call The Creative Roundtable. This virtual community is allowed to exercise their creative prerogative against real projects with real budgets in an effort to further marry the worlds of Marketing and Entertainment under the stewardship of the in-house S+F team.