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  • Ford Fiesta “Making of Forza 5”

  • Ford Fiesta “Turn 10 Studio Tour”

  • Lincoln “Interactivity Reimagined: Oculus Rift”

  • Lincoln “Interactivity Reimagined: Mzure”

  • Fisher Price “Wishes for Baby”

  • Bank of America “Your Money” – Grocery Store Tips

  • Bank of America “Your Money” – Budget Travel

  • AFI “Dream Chasers: Through A Child’s Eyes”

  • AFI “Dream Chasers: Cradling A Dream”

  • AFI “Dream Chasers: A Family Affair”

  • AFI “Building A Brighter Future” Savings Tips

  • AFI “Building A Brighter Future” Teens and Money

  • DeVry University “Career Igniter” Auditor

  • DeVry University “Career Igniter” Nursing Director

  • Microsoft “Tech the Halls: Surviving the Shopping Season”

  • Microsoft “Tech The Halls: Webcam Wonderland”

  • Post “A Better You” – Slim Sexy Core

  • Post “A Better You” – Smart Cholesterol